Kasar Groups Leadership Team

Dr. Kailash Nath, Ph.D. (Yale)
Chairperson-cum-CEO, Kasar Groups of Industries & Technologies (KGIT)

Dr. Kailash Nath studied at the UC, Berkeley and Yale University where he obtained Masters, M.Phil. & Ph.D. degrees in Development and International Relations. A world-renowned social scientist, Dr. Nath has been awarded MacArthur, Ford, Yale research grants and recently Hewlett fellowships to conduct research. He has taught Development, Globalization and International Relations (IR) at Wesleyan and Yale University. He is currently on an extended sabbatical and traveling and lecturing at various universities and think tanks in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. He is focusing on 3 book manuscripts—Globalization and Its Limitations, Women’s Rights: A Cross Cultural Perspective and Nationalism and Terrorism. This last volume is an edited volume with contributions from 9 other scholars having expertise on different regions.
Dr. Nath's latest works are on Comparative Broadband and Mobile Technology and e-Governance for eradication of poverty and corruption that have so much bearing on laypersons’ stakes and discourses in Information & Technology (IT), Development Studies, Globalization and IR. Recently he has presented different versions of his papers, participated and lectured at several international platforms, including the ITS (International Telecommunications Society) seminars at Montreal and Toronto (Canada), Curtis University of Technology (CUT), Perth and the University of Melbourne and Adelaide (Australia), 8th GMR (Global Mobility Roundtable) Forum hosted by American University, Cairo (Egypt), IDATE Digiworld Summit at Montpellier (France), and VarIndia IT-Forum at New Delhi (India) etc. His latest paper on technology and health care for laypersons was accepted for the ITS Asia Pacific June 26-28, 2011 Conference at Taipei (Taiwan). And also, his most recent activities are: participation at the Conference Vitrine 2011 at Montreal on September 30—Canada Health Infoway’s ‘showcase of eHealth projects and initiatives’, and the papers and presentations at the International Arts and Sciences Conference (May 21-24) and International Business Research Conference (IBRC, June 7-8)—both at Ryerson, Toronto in 2012.

Falguni Barik
Chief Technology Officer, Kasar Technologies

Falguni brings in abundance of experience to KASAR in his role as Chief Technology Officer, spanning more than 15 years of work in Software Project Management, Business Development, Process Development and Quality Management etc. He has held several positions at various multinational IT industry and organizations such as Market Probe, TNS Global & Annik Technology at Bangalore and Bhubaneswar. Falguni has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis on IT & Software Project Management.

Rajendra Narayan Das
Legal Advisor, Energy and Civil Constructions, Kasar Technologies

Thrust of ‘green energy’ and various related developmental projects have brought along Rajendra to the Kasar team of leaders. Rajendra Narayan Das is a seasoned lawyer with almost three decades of experience in legal profession, hotel industry, pharmaceuticals, and civil constructions. He has had several awards from the Government and other Developmental organizations for his active role in poverty eradication and other projects. He is the founder Director of M/S T R Infrastructure and Developers and M/S T R Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Rotarian (Rtn) Saumya Ranjan Mishra, MPHF:
Legal Advisor, Tax, Power and Energy Regulations, Kasar Technologies

Rtn. Saumya Ranjan Mishra is a renowned tax attorney of Orissa. He is currently Vice-Chairperson of Legal Aid and Service of Orissa (LASO) and past Secretary of Cuttack Bar Association. Saumya has had very successful practice in the fields of sales and income tax for more than two decades. However, more interesting is his involvement in various developmental activities for ameliorating conditions of the poor as the President of Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar Confluence and various developmental projects he has spearheaded in this capacity. As a valued member of Kasar Team, Saumya brings in his wealth of experience to the needs of Kasar, especially in power and energy projects, among several other things.

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